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Tarmac Restoration

Tarmac is the stalwart of driveway and car park installations. It is still as popular as an alternative to the more modern products suitable for taking the heavier traffic more often experienced in commercial properties.  The chemical composition of tarmacadam driveways and commercial parking areas keeps the surface in very good condition for many years. However over a variety of time frames due to the location and weathering experienced it will eventually dry out and take on a diminished "washed" out colour.

Tyneside Pressure Cleaning is your locally based refurbishment company for any tarmacadam surface that is losing colour , laden with moss and algae growth or needs minor repairs carried out prior to a full clean and recolouring.

Many tarmac surfaces will, after the suns rays have dried them combined with the winter weather with its freeze / thaw cycle , start to fret and break up. We can in most cases repair these areas and along with a fungicidal treatment to ensure the moss and algae growth is eliminated prior to undertaking a full clean.

Tarmac can become brittle and without careful cleaning more damage can be caused. Tyneside Pressure Cleaning use professional level power washing equipment with rotary headed cleaners and variable water pressure to ensure that all cleaning is carried out thoroughly and effectively without causing further problems.

Once the surface has been repaired and cleaned down, a suitable drying time is allowed before we apply Smartseals Tarmaseal™. This fantastic product reintroduces the resins back into the tarmac by being absorbed and soaking into the tarmac rather than "paint" thats sits on the surface and is generally available in high street outlets.

Tarmaseal is available in Black, Red and Green therefore Tyneside Pressure Cleaning is able to clean and restore many other surfaces including tennis courts that have deteriorated in colour.

For commercial businesses why not make your premises that much more appealing by getting your access areas and parking area cleaned and recoloured the transformation is fantastic.

If you require your tarmac driveway , pathways or parking areas cleaned and refurbished then call us on 0800 988 0348 or if you prefer please click HERE to complete our on line enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our tarmac cleaning, tarmac repairs and tarmacadam recolouring and sealing service covers all areas in and around Tyneside including Washington, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunderland, Chester-le-Street, Durham, Gateshead, Newburn, Gosforth, Jarrow, Hebburn, Stanley, Consett, South Shields, Birtley, Felling, Pelton, Whitburn Newburn and Whitley Bay.